codescool reviewsIf you’ve spent any time searching for introductory programming courses, you’ve likely come across CodeSchool.

CodeSchool is one of the leading providers of training courses for new programmers. With dozens of courses, languages, and educational paths to follow, it is perhaps the biggest, reputable source of coding materials for beginners.

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Code School Reviews

What Is Code School?

CodeSchool is basically a collection of video courses that cover a wide array of introductory programming topics.

But, the courses are more than just video knowledge, and include an excellent in-browser programming system that walks you through coding challenges and exercises.

Clear, Concise Video Modules

The courses are each broken down into short video modules. The videos are professionally done, and include one of the CodeSchool instructors talking you through the material, with animated code that emphasizes each of the main points of the lecture.

These videos are great because they are incredibly easy to follow, and present complex languages and problems in an easy to digest manner.

The short, module-based approach also emphasizes and interactive feel, since each video is accompanied by coding exercises that allow you to put your new knowledge into practice immediately.

In Browser Programming

The in-browser programming system used by CodeSchool is one of the key advantages of this platform.

Every video includes several exercises, which work together to build pieces of a fully functioning application over the length of each course.

The coding exercises, too, are broken into short modules. Completion of one exercises is usually a prerequisite for moving onto the next, since they often work in complement to one another.

Additionally, there are tips and hints provided, in the event that a user struggles with the completion of one of the problems.

Is CodeSchool Worth It? How To Decide

CodeSchool is definitely focused on helping beginners succeed with programming. All of the courses are designed to start a user from scratch.

For intermediate or advanced developers, the courses are good only insofar as you are exploring a new and previously unused language or framework. For example, an advanced Ember.JS developer might find the Angular course interesting, but lacking sufficient detail to build a professional project.

In other words, CodeSchool accomplished what it sets out to do: make a variety of programming languages available to the average individual, through easy to follow beginner instruction.

I highly recommend trying out a course with this platform. It’s definitely one of the best learning platforms available for new coders, and receives incredible ratings across the board from the overwhelming majority of their users.

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